When Valentine’s Day rolls around, we find there are two types of people. The ones who love spreading the love and those who can not stand the commercialism that has become Valentine’s Day.

Maybe this year, we start a new tradition. This year, we take advantage of the day and spread kindness for Valentines Day.

But where do we begin? Begin with simple and practical acts of kindness. We’ve curated a handful of ideas that can be done with the family, your partner or even a group of friends.

Brighten someone else’s day  

Spread the love by putting a smile on someone’s face. Make a valentines day card for the often-overlooked staff members at school, the grocery cashier or bus driver. This is a great way to teach kids the importance of being kind to others.

Give back to an organization

This past year has been hard on a lot of families and communities. Celebrate Valentines Day by collecting money or other much needed items for a local organization. Practical help is a great way to spread kindness.

Give a compliment to someone

Probably the easiest thing you could do, is give another persona genuine compliment. The lasting effects will be priceless.

Help a random stranger

Love takes many forms, however, the love and kindness extended to a total stranger is the highest form. Offer to help those who are struggling. Random acts of kindness have a way of multiplying.