Jenna Mulock


About Jenna Mulock

Jenna grew up in Cloverdale B.C.  She spent 10 years over in Europe with her husband living as an ex-pat hockey wife and became a mother to their two young boys.  At the end of every hockey season, her family would fly home and she would be so amazed by the magnitude of growth happening in the Fraser Valley.  Once they moved back to Canada for good,  she dug her roots back into the one and only place she can truly call home, right here in the lower mainland.  Jenna has been through multiple moves, and changes,  she empathizes with the emotional toll it can take on people. She wants her clients to feel the unconditional support and confidence she offers at every step of the buying and selling aspect. She realizes there is no place like home and will help people to navigate the whole process with a positive and prosperous outcome.

  • (604) 531-0231
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