Nuvola Capitanio


About Nuvola Capitanio

London born and Italian raised, Nuvola fell in love in Paris and, in 2011, followed her heart to Canada; a place that she now calls home. If anyone knows how important it is to relocate and find a place that feels like home its definitely her. After moving to new cities year after year, she gathered a key understanding of what really matters when it comes to finding the perfect home and applies it to her career everyday.

With a background in hospitality and architecture, she decided to take her customer service skills and her passion for buildings and combine them into a career in real estate. She specialized in new construction and pre-sale developments since 2013 where she helped sell hundreds of homes ranging from town-homes and wood frame condos, to concrete high rise buildings all over the Lower Mainland. As someone who always aims for the skies, she decided to expand her knowledge and start helping her clients with the resale aspect of real estate as well.

If you are looking for someone that takes the time to listen to your needs and understands the stress and excitement that comes with buying and selling a home then she’s your go-to person. After all, it’s important to work with someone that shows loyalty, understanding and passion when making such an important life decision.

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