At Royal LePage Wolstencroft, we believe that there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by looking to our peers for information and inspiration. We are proud to offer Peer To Peer Sessions where agents are given the opportunity to learn the expertise of seasoned experts in our office on a variety of topics.

On Tuesday, November 27th Tom Devlin of Tom Devlin PREC took the floor for an interactive session about marketing and ‘farming’ a target area. We had the opportunity to interview Tom to learn a little bit more about himself and some quick tips on the topic. See below!

1. Give us a brief background on your career in Real Estate.

I started in 2011 at Sutton West Coast – transferred to RLP and haven’t looked back.

2. How has farming an area (marketing to a specific area) affected your business?

It has expedited my success having the dedication to focus on one area.

3. What are the factors an agent needs to consider when choosing which area to ‘farm’ or target?

Knowledge, familiarity, being part of that community, having children in school district.

4. What is a common mistake agents make in marketing?

Not being focused enough and not marketing to Strata properties.

5. What do you suggest as an ideal budget for marketing?

Budgets are a personal thing and they can fluctuate depending on area.

6. What are some creative ways to ‘show up’ to your farm area without spending a lot of money?

Door knocking, flyers – getting children to help with custom t-shirts, event awareness, (i.e World Cup – Have some fun with it!)

7. What modes of advertising are ideal to establish in a farm marketing plan?

Door to door, volunteer, community involvement, and social media.

8. What do you hope agents took away from the session with you?

Figuring out creative strategies and not caring what other people think.

Thanks Tom!

Connect on social: @devlingrouprealestate