Andy Schiller PREC

Rental Property Management and Sales

We offer tenant placement, credit/reference checks, maintenance, rent collection, inspections and detailed monthly statements. We take the HEADACHE OUT of rentals. 


Pre-screening of prospective tenants including “Equifax” credit reports and background information. Some of the information we gather from doing a credit report allows us to determine:

  • “… the gross debt service ratio (GDS), a debt service measure that Professional Property Managers use as a rule of thumb to give a rather accurate assessment about whether a potential tenant is already in too much debt. Receiving a ratio of less than 30% means that the potential tenant has an acceptable level of debt…”

This provides you, the owner both a snapshot of any damage over and above what’s referred to as “normal wear and tear” as well as evidence when there is need to withhold any of the tenants security deposit.

This also is a good basis for any needed upkeep. It’s imperative to maintain your investment to ensure the appreciation value.

Organize and manage all financial aspects relating to your important asset.  Deposit your income into a trust account every month and dispersing your net income in a timely manner.

Provide a 24-hour switchboard service to address unforeseen emergencies  when needed by your tenants.

  • We address any issues, whether a pipe breaks, the furnace needs servicing or the tenant misplaced their key, we get the call and report the issue and outcome to you.

We’ve built up a long term trusted relationship with our contractors allowing us almost preferential treatment when we need their services. 


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