As published by The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

So much of the research about housing affordability focuses on large urban cities while skirting past suburban and rural communities like ours in the Fraser Valley.

But in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Special Housing Report: Affordability in the Fraser Valley – Metro Vancouver, we take a closer look at the factors driving the cost of housing in Fraser Valley communities.

We endeavour to make the connections from the national and provincial housing issues, to the towns and neighbourhoods of the Fraser Valley and the range of solutions that could make housing more affordable.

The report includes a table that shows what each of the FVREB municipalities are trying to do to bring affordable housing within reach of their ever-growing populations.

We review the strategies that governments and other public agencies are following to transform the housing crisis from an economic and social drawback that strangles employment and enterprise opportunities, to a sustainable, affordable way of life that benefits and supports our communities, and our dreams for a promising future.