Fresh blueberries are in season and there are so many delicious ways to enjoy them!  To kick off the season the BC Blueberry Council is launching a virtual campaign to celebrate this special time of year: Go Blue BC. Now til August 3rd, BC Blueberries invites you to visit the Go Blue BC interactive website for a chance to win $1000 in gift cards from White Spot and Triple O’s. While you are there check out the videos, where to find berries, and tons of fun stuff for all ages!

Go Blue BC is a virtual hub where berry lovers can check out a list of resources including restaurants from across the province that have developed special menu items including BC Blueberries, recipes, facts and an amazing contest with prizes including $1000 in gift cards.

Did you know that BC is one of the top high bush blueberry growing regions worldwide? Fresh or frozen, BC blueberries are summer’s essential ingredient, but they are also a versatile year-round staple. During summer, they’re available fresh in the produce section and during colder months look for frozen packages in your grocer’s freezer aisle. Be sure to look for the “BC Grown” label!

A sweet treat with so much more to them, blueberries are a good source of fibre and they contribute vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, making them a good choice to help meet nutrient needs. #poweredbynature with antioxidants and nutrients, blueberries truly are nature’s superfood!

Visit Go Blue BC to join the fun!