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Clay & Johanna Team

We believe a good sale and/or purchase should both meet your financial goals plus make you FEEL like the best has been done for you. This is your sale, your purchase, your home, if something doesn’t feel right we want to know! plus we are guessing you may not to tell the whole world on social media what you paid or what you sold for.

We regularly advertise homes for sale on social media, all day every day and with permission of course, but we will never post about sales (or purchases for that matter). It’s nobodies business but yours. Are we not all on display enough already? Did you know we specialize in Separation and Divorce sales? Don’t be afraid to ask.

We have both been there and the process can be harrowing. Discretion is our policy, no signs, no open houses, no local advertising? Yes, we can still sell your home.

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