Manny Boparai


About Manny Boparai

With over 10 years of experience in real estate and the residential land development process, Manny possesses intricate knowledge of zoning laws, city development plans, and market trends. Throughout his career, Manny has helped longtime homeowners get the best value when selling their properties to land developers. Manny’s guidance has thrilled working professionals looking to invest in commercial real estate development and real estate joint ventures in British Columbia. By getting clients into pre-sales sooner and guiding them through the process with transparency and ease, Manny has built a long-standing reputation with both investors and developers. Coming from an IT and sales background, Manny’s diligence translated naturally into securing great real estate investments for clients in Surrey and Langley. With extensive knowledge of market trends and longstanding relationships with developers in the area, Manny provides homeowners and those looking to invest in development lands in areas of Fraser Valley with a seamless and transparent investment process. When it comes to valuing properties according to market trends, future potential, and initial investment, Manny’s method has proven successful time and time again.

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