Serrine Cheng


About Serrine Cheng

Originally from Taiwan, I moved to Vancouver to earn an undergraduate degree in business administration at Simon Fraser University.  I started my career in banking and progressed to financial accounting.  I found it rewarding helping people achieve their goals, and so transitioned my career to employment counselor.  These experiences provided me with the skills and client-focused orientation that are vital in real estate.  I know how important it is to help people get the right property for them by listening to their needs, understanding their concerns, and negotiating the best value for them.

Living in Metro Vancouver over 28 years, I have seen how our markets fluctuate and the impact that has on residents’ lives.  I understand the volatile nature of this market and the need to be prepared for opportunities as they arise.

My friends and family describe me as detail-oriented, friendly, and determined.  Family values are important to me.  I am often involved with my children’s school fundraising and other events.  Volunteering with seniors by delivering food and doing shopping for those who struggle on their own is a way we give back to the community we love.  During my leisure time, I enjoy photography, skiing and biking with my family.


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