This is an annual event where camaraderie meets competition, all for a great cause. We are thrilled to bring together avid golfers, community members, business partners, and philanthropists alike for an exciting day on the greens, packed full of fun activities, challenging courses, and meaningful impact as we support.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a full day of golfing, networking, and entertainment while we raise funds for Ishtar Women’s Resource Society – who  make a significant difference in our community. Whether you are here to test your skill against other enthusiasts, enjoy a leisurely game with friends, or simply to support our wonderful cause, we promise an unforgettable experience.

Check our the details below to see what we have in store. From the morning’s shot-gun start to the evening’s gala dinner and silent auction, each event is designed to make your day enjoyable and fulfilling. You’ll find detailed information about the schedule of events, the course layout, the rules and format of the tournament, our distinguished sponsors, and the fantastic prizes up for grabs.



11:00 AM – Registration/Check-in Opens

11:45 AM – Lunch + Beer, Putting Contest

1:00 PM – Team Photo


1:15 PM – Players to carts

1.30 PM – Shotgun Tee-off

6:30 PM – Head Back-in

6:30 – 930 PM – Entertainment

7:00 PM – Dinner

10 PM – See you next time

  1. Bella Virtual Staging Men’s KP
  2. Mountaindog Plumbing
  3. Langley Rivermen
  4. Q Living Furniture
  5. Dominion Lending – Doug Neufeld Men’s LD
  6. CBM Lawyers Women’s KP
  7. Social Committee
  8. Cotala
  9. Steve’s Septic Services
  10. Ingram Mortgage Team Hole in One
  11. Novari Collective Women’s LD
  12. Bishop Massage & Wellness
  13. Dare 2 Dream Mortgage Co
  15. Turn Key Home Inspections
  16. Clayton Heights Notary


  • All 4 players Tee off on each hole.
  • 3 players with garbage shots pick up their ball and move to the player with the best tee shot.
  • Repeat this process Throughout all approach shots and putts.
  • All Teams must use at least list 3 tee shots from each player on the team by the end of the round.
  • If you reach double the bogey before completing the hole. put your head down pick up your balls and move to the next hole.

Mens at Hole #7
Women’s at Hole #13

The objective is simple: to hit the golf ball as far as possible. But, there are a few important rules to keep in mind:
Teeing Area: The player must hit the ball from the tee box.
Fairway: The ball must land within the designated fairway. If it lands outside of the fairway, the drive does not count, even if it was longer than any other.
Measurement: The drive is measured from the teeing area to the point where the ball comes to rest in the fairway. It does not include any roll after the ball has stopped.
Attempts: Each participant is given only one attempt, and their longest valid drive is recorded.
Recording: Please write your name on the stake when a new record is made.
Winner: The player with the longest drive that lands within the bounds of the fairway is declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a sudden death playoff may be held where the competitors hit more drives until a winner is determined.

Mens at Hole #2
Women’s at Hole #8

The objective is simple: try and get your ball as close as possible to the hole in a single stroke from the tee.

Teeing Area: The player must hit the ball from the tee box.
First Stroke Only: Only the first stroke on the hole counts. If a player’s first stroke does not land on the green or it goes into a hazard, that player is out of the competition. If the ball is hit off the green but then rolls or bounces onto the green, that does count, as it is still the result of the first stroke.
Measurement: The measurement is taken from the closest point of the ball to the hole. It is usually measured in feet and inches, or in metric units like meters and centimeters.
Attempts: Each participant is given one attempt.
Winner: The player whose ball is closest to the hole after their tee shot is declared the winner. In case of a hole-in-one, that player is usually declared the immediate winner, but some competitions may have different rules.