Property Twins Gone Country – Here for the Cure raised more than $651,000

Team members The Property Twins have done it again for the 6th year running, with their giant music festival “Gone Country – Here for the Cure” raising more than $651,000 in donations this year. The festival was held at Bill Reid Millennium Park in Cloverdale, raising money for cancer. The Property Twins themselves – Jamie and Chris Ruscheinski – host the event and organize it too.

The amount raised is an improvement from last year’s festival, which raised $520,000. With this year’s $651,000, the Property Twins plan to buy a bus for the Canuck Place children’s hospice in Abbotsford. In addition to this, a significant portion of the money will go toward searching for a cure for cancer, a cause which is close to Chris and Jamie’s hearts.



A range of amazing musical artists

Washboard Union, a band based in Vancouver, performed twice at the festival – once for the attendees and another time for the volunteers of the festival. Over 220 volunteers worked on the festival this year, all of whom were treated to Washboard Union’s surprise secret set when everyone else had left! According to Chris, this is the twins’ way of saying thank you to the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to the worthy cause.

Many more musicians performed at this Gone Country gig this year, including Karen Lee Batten, a Langley native herself. The bill also saw artists such as Rollin’ Trainwreck, The Tumblin’ Dice, Andrew Christopher, Jesse Allen Harris, JRfm, Gord Bamford, and DJ Jaxon Hawks. The Property Twins have already organized the line-up for next year’s festival, although they plan on keeping that a secret for now.

A cause close to their hearts

The twins started the event after losing their mother to breast cancer. They began by throwing events at clubs and small pubs, going on to host backyard BBQs and raffles. Within a few years, Jamie and Chris’s fundraising efforts were snowballing, eventually turning into Gone Country – an annual Langley event which both entertains the town with brilliant Country Music and raises money for a great cause.



The Property Twins also recently hosted the Clover Valley Beer Festival 2018 in Cloverdale, celebrating their love of good food, music, and of course… beer! Hundreds of people attended the fun-loving beer festival, which amusingly featured signs saying “The Property Twins present the Clover Valley Beer Festival” before going on to specify “Not a Realty Show”.