We don’t usually think of an entrance or hallway as being a ‘functional area’… rather a passage to get from point A to B. However, these spaces are actually the highest traffic areas of the home. Despite our best efforts, our entrances and hallways can often accumulate clutter. With a little inspiration and planning, these spaces can be enhanced with organization and functionality! Below we are sharing a few photos that illustrate some great ideas for your entrance or hallway.


Smart Space

Create a smart space to place your current go-tos: coats, bags, hats and scarves. If your family is like ours, the faves always end up left out for easy access between coming and going. These floating shelves hung offset make the perfect space to hang three hooks. Single pieces (the shelves and hook) begin to look like a unit and turns the wall into a display. Choosing a bench that also stores a few pairs of shoes will do double-duty, keeping the floor free of clutter. Rather than a full-length mirror, rest a half sized mirror atop of a storage unit.  The addition of this ‘duo’ will house keys, mail and random items you want to set down. If space is tight… try a nightstand or side-table.


Close Quarters Closet

Some entrances do not have closets nearby which is less than ideal (especially for when you have visitors!) We love the idea of bringing a fashion rack into the space – preferably one with a bit of style! These racks often have a shelf for shoes beneath which will serve you well. An over-the-door hook rack is another useful addition (especially when it colour-matches the door and blends in). The final ingredients bring the entire look together – thoughtful decor additions. The basket, plant and cushion in this image show that thought went into curating the entire look. It has become an intentional arrangement with a designer’s touch – not utilitarian objects due to a lack of storage. Remember, when things are out for all to see, it’s always a good idea to think of the entire scene as a display. Let’s pretend that this is your own boutique! Do your coats, sweaters, shoes and accessories clash? Tones that compliment each other look best when on display.


Artful Fun

Up close, this configuration may look like a collection of things. Back up and you’ll see that these have been designed together with balance, shape, intersecting lines, and layering. That’s what makes this so much fun! The most obvious tip we can draw from this model is the use of a ladder in an unconventional way. The baskets are also a second form of floating storage. Have you ever thought of screwing baskets to the wall? Nope, me neither – but how creative? The full-length mirror is the perfect bridge to draw the eye down. It’s useful (most importantly) but it also provides balance overall. The sunburst mirror is a decorative pop. Obviously a second mirror is not needed … and it’s not even hung at a level where it would be of real use! It’s included as a fun and cheeky element, doubling down on the statement that this is a spot dedicated to accessorizing on your way out the door. Rustic wood, basket weave and glam pops of gold are all textures that play off one another… especially since they mimic this person’s fashion style and accessories. It allows everything from the storage – to the decor – to the accessories to feel like part of the plan.