We can officially say “goodbye” to 2021 and “hello” to 2022. For most, this is a great time to start a new year off fresh and jump start a new chapter. However, where do you start? What can you do? We’ve put together a list of a few tips and tricks to help get you started. Before you know it, you and your house will be ready for the New Year ahead.

If you Haven’t Already, “Undeck” the Halls

Sometimes this can be the hardest part for some. Saying “goodbye” to your treasured items that only come out once a year and then having to pack them away again. Others, find this a relief being able to get back to usual business. However you feel, take your time when packing things away. You’ll thank yourself in twelve months’ time. Be sure to properly store and pack items, wrap up lights to avoid tangling, and put fragile items away carefully. To avoid damage from weather or critters, the best storage areas are in the garage or loft. If possible, avoid using cardboard boxes and upgrade to plastic totes. These will prevent critters from getting into your items during the year.

Organize your Kids Holiday Chaos

Likely, your kids were spoiled throughout the holiday season with sacks of gifts from family and friends. However, now you need to find a place for them to stay. January is a great time to go through your kids rooms and play areas to sort through their toys and giving them away to charities. Be sure to utilise as much hidden storage space as possible. Think under the bed, behind their doors or even their closets.

Organize the Everyday Things

We’re all guilty of “that junk drawer” in our kitchen and maybe even a disorganized storage closet we dread having to enter. Use chalk boards, white boards, calendars and bins. Anything that will help you become better organized. Re-visit our previous blog “Family Back-to-School Routine” for more helpful organization tips.

Set Goals for your Home in 2022

Are there outstanding home projects that need to get done? The answer is yes! Which rooms need painting? What needs fixing? Make a list of all the projects you would like to accomplish over the next year. Set a budget, and schedule each project, month by month.

Bring the Outside In

During Christmas, out homes are filled with green. From our Christmas Tree, to the wreath on our front door, and even the center piece on the table. Just because the tree is put away for the year, doesn’t mean you have to stop. Remember, spring is just around the corner, bring in those winter greens.

Create a new look with existing decore

Who doesn’t love to redecorate? However, if you’re like most of us, you over spent a little to much over the holidays. Create a fresh new look without spending a penny. Move artwork, mirrors or furniture to create a new and inviting space. Spend some time creating new displays on shelves, or coffee tables.