New Year Home Reboot

We can officially say “goodbye” to 2021 and “hello” to 2022. For most, this is a great time to start a new year off fresh and jump start a new chapter. However, where do you start? What can you do? We’ve put together a list of a few tips and tricks to help get you [...]

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Stringing Up The Christmas Lights

Every year, Christmas arrives and it’s time to string up those lights. Anyone can put up Christmas lights, but we’re going to give you the tips that will leave your neighbors wondering how your house looks like it’s straight off a movie set. Be sure to measure your space before you buy those lights Is [...]

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Storm Preparedness

Here in BC, we regularly hunker down for a good storm or two during Fall and Winter. Yet, we’re always caught off guard when the power goes out. This season, be prepared! During an emergency or storm, you could lose important services like power, phones, and water. Having an emergency kit ready for any situation [...]

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Pumpkin Inspiration

Who doesn’t love getting their hands a little dirty while showing off your pumpkin carving skills? There’s just something that makes us feel like a kid again while we’re elbow deep in pumpkin guts. This year, forget about the same old carvings you’ve been doing year after year and try something new and creative. We’re [...]

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Autumn Design Inspiration

With the arrival of fall comes cooler weather, crisp autumn air, and all the beautiful colors that come with the change of seasons. However, pumpkin décor and buffalo plaid aren’t the only ways to create a cozy home atmosphere for the season. We’ve gathered a collection of tip and tricks to help make this fall [...]

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Our Favorite Apple Recipes

Apple season is here, and when it comes to apples, what can’t you do with them? Of course, you could always fall back on the classic apple pie or crumble, but how about trying something new that will become a new family favorite. We’ve collected a list of easy recipes to try this season that [...]

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Family Back-to-School Routine

Just like that, it's time to say goodbye to summer and welcome another school year. Those late nights and slow mornings, will be replaced with early wake ups, homework, and schedules. A few tips and tricks to helping you get your family back-school-ready like a boss! Slowly re-introduce your routine: Summer is an easy time [...]

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Staying Cool This Summer

BC has already broken heat records this summer, and we're not even half way through the season. If you are like most of us here in the Valley, you don't have a/c. But that's ok, because we've created a list of a few tip and tricks to help keep you and your home cool during [...]

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Upgrade Your Tile With Paint

Have you all seen those cement tiles that come in so many cool prints? Not wanting to replace all the tile got us thinking about how we could accomplish this high impact look for less. Follow this simple tutorial for all the tips on how to create this amazing new floor space. Tutorial Source: Driven [...]

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Create A Rustic Pallet Wall

Sometimes you need a good DIY project to keep you busy, and who doesn’t love the look of these rustic pallet walls. Pallets are the ultimate useful item for anyone serious about DIY. Plenty of people love the look of a rustic cabin or farmhouse chic. However, how can you transform your boring drywall into [...]

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