Holiday At Home

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to our friends, family and community! This certainly is going to be an unusual Christmas overall. Thankfully, things won't be this way forever, so we can dig deep to make the best of the season... with a little bit of creativity and Christmas magic! When you start to brainstorm ideas [...]

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Festive Dried Oranges

It's the time of year where many of us are decorating and finding ways to make things festive. This year, we are staying closer to home than ever. Many of us are embracing time honoured traditions and the things that make us feel the comforts of our childhood. You may have noticed that these dried [...]

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Easy Apple Crumble for Fall

It's Apple Season! In fact, here in the Fraser Valley, you and your family or friends can pick them yourselves... right off the branch! Taves Family Farm is a Lower Mainland destination for 'U-pick' apples. Located in Abbotsford, you'll find Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Gala are just a few of the apple varieties available. While you're [...]

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Spring Home Checklist

It's the time again. We're well into Spring now and 'tis' the season' for maintenance to repair Winter damage and prepare you home for Summer! For most of us, our homes are our largest investment. The investment of time into upkeep will help keep your home's value and keep things looking and running their best! [...]

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Creating Vacation Vibes At Home

Since many of us are spending most of our time at home these days, let's bring the vacation to us! Cinco De Mayo is ahead and we can all use more fun in our lives, so today we're sharing 5 ways to create a 'vacation state of mind' at home. 1. VACAY AND CHILL Has anyone [...]

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Tips For Working From Home

Ready or not, many of us have been thrust into a new routine of working from home. Of course – home is also a place for rest, relaxation, exercise, cooking, entertaining ourselves, and (for some of us) our kids too! Currently, it's allll happening from home base – and there's a lot going on! In [...]

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End of Summer Prep for Back To School Success

We're sure that we can all agree that Summer deserves a speeding ticket this year! With just a couple of final weeks until the kids go back to school, today we are talking about 5 tips to help set us all up for success in transitioning back into our school routines in September. Tip 1. [...]

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Home & Living: Tips for Small Kitchens

Storage can be an issue in any home. So when we are talking about 'the heart of the home' – the kitchen – it can be a hot topic, for sure! If you're viewing properties within your price range – and you have caviar kitchen dreams on a frozen pizza budget – keep these tips [...]

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Plant Smarts

Beyond looking pretty and being a hugely resurgent trend in decor, indoor plants are known to reduce carbon dioxide levels, airborne dust, certain pollutants... and increase humidity. If you're not a green thumb yourself, you may be hesitant to jump onto this new/old trend. Above and beyond being stylish interior accessories, there are SO many [...]

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