A warm welcome to one of the more recent teams to join Wolstencroft’s family – Jag Chahal and Sandra Nanavaty (PREC) are a newly-wed husband and wife team known as ‘JAG & SANDRA Real Estate Group‘. New to our team, but no strangers to the industry, Jag & Sandra bring a wealth of knowledge and passion along with them!

Sandra was born and raised in North Vancouver and has excelled working with a highly skilled team of real estate professionals in the Vancouver market. Her experiences have grown her expertise to encompass the various housing markets throughout the Lower Mainland with a strong skill set for both detached homes and the condo markets, becoming an expert in strata buildings, land value and developments.

Her passion for home purchasing and re-sale coupled with her strength as a negotiator makes her an invaluable asset for every client and investor looking for top level service and guidance.

Jag was born in Vancouver. His passion for working in the real estate industry stems from his previous years of experience as an engineer with green building design expertise. Jag’s depth of knowledge allows him to look at properties and developments and evaluates them on their design merits. Pinpointing what makes a home worth buying and how to maximize your current property for re-sale value.

His passion for his client’s success is at the forefront of how he approaches the real estate market. His experience and credentials allow him to serve and represent clients to the highest level of standards and expectations.

Q & A With Jag & Sandra

Give us a brief background on your career in Real Estate.

Sandra: I’m going into my 5th year in Real Estate. It was an exciting new change at the right time in my life. I started off working as an assistant to a very successful team in downtown Vancouver. It was the best career move I ever made. I now work on a team with my husband Jag, helping clients achieve their Real Estate goals and personally investing, buying and selling property. People always ask me how it is working with my husband, my answer is always “It’s awesome!”

 Jag: I work for both Brookfield and Royal LePage. I’m currently working in operations for infrastructure projects with a specialty in health care. For the past few years I’ve been doing resale and property investing with my wife.


What attracted you to join Royal LePage Wolstencroft?

Sandra: My previous brokerage was RLP Sussex (Vancouver), and I wanted to stay with RLP as they are a well-known Canadian based Real Estate Company. I like the support and skills and continued learning they offer their agents. Why Wolstencroft? My first impression of Linda and Peter was excellent; along with the progressiveness, energy and reputation of this office, it felt like a natural fit.

Jag: I started my career in real estate with Royal LePage. As a Canadian owned company, I feel they represent clients with the highest level of integrity and support their agents to do so. I had met colleagues in the real estate industry who work at Wolstencroft. They have been some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Secondly their reputation among other agents and their approach to on boarding has been excellent.


Describe yourself in just three words! 

Sandra: Reliable, dedicated and Loyal.    

Jag: Self-Driven, Introspective and Unwavering.


What would you say is your expertise or focus in your Real Estate business?

Sandra: In this day and age with information at your fingertips, everything done virtually, and the ever changing Real Estate market, I think it’s important to learn about different cities and communities to best serve your clients. Expertise comes into play when you are unfamiliar about a city, area, development, but diligently learn what’s needed, to provide your clients with the most information to help them achieve their goals in buying, selling or investing.  Knowledge is key! And if you don’t know something, FIND OUT!

Jag: My focus in the real estate industry has been in following new development in communities, allowing clients to find ways to reach their property goals. I’m always looking to find the best possible ROI for investors.


If you weren’t in Real Estate, what would you be doing? 

Sandra: Something in the Fashion Industry…

Jag: If I wasn’t in real estate I’d be into writing more often and practicing yoga more regularly.


Tim’s or Starbucks?  

Sandra: If I was out, then Starbucks. Otherwise, I am obsessed with my Nespresso machine at home.  

Jag: BOTH! Large double double at Tim’s – and grande mochas at Starbucks!


What is something that you are excited about for 2019? 

Sandra: Staring a family with my husband.

Jag: We are recently married and are going to be starting a family in 2019. I never realized just how excited this would make me feel.


Life outside of Real Estate…

Sandra: Is there life outside of Real Estate?!?!?!? If my husband and I are not working for our clients, we are looking for the next opportunity for ourselves. I enjoy spending time with my family/friends, and travelling. There is SO much in the world to see!

Jag: Working at a Regional Hospital and Cancer Center, spending time with family and staying healthy.


Quote you live by?

Sandra: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe & “Live in the moment.”

Jag: Helping others is the hallmark of fulfillment in life.