Upgrade Your Tile With Paint

Have you all seen those cement tiles that come in so many cool prints? Not wanting to replace all the tile got us thinking about how we could accomplish this high impact look for less. Follow this simple tutorial for all the tips on how to create this amazing new floor space. Tutorial Source: Driven [...]

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Create A Rustic Pallet Wall

Sometimes you need a good DIY project to keep you busy, and who doesn’t love the look of these rustic pallet walls. Pallets are the ultimate useful item for anyone serious about DIY. Plenty of people love the look of a rustic cabin or farmhouse chic. However, how can you transform your boring drywall into [...]

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Gardening With Your Kids In Mind

We love gardening, not only because it allows you to grow your own food, but it's a great way to get kids outside and give them a better sense of where their food comes from. Make gardening even more fun for kids by planting a "themed" garden, like a rainbow garden that includes vegetables that [...]

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Faux Shiplap Backsplash Tutorial

We love scouring the internet for DIY tutorials to share with you, and we found another great one! An easy home improvement project that you can complete without spending a large amount of money for a huge impact. This faux shiplap backsplash uses adhesive flooring to create an easy backsplash. No serious woodworking or carpentry [...]

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Petscaping Your Garden

Do you leave your four-legged fur baby outside unattended? Well fleas and ticks should not be your only concern. With the weather warming up and gardening season upon us, we have gathered a list of 17 plants that can be toxic to your pets. The ASPCA keeps an extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants, [...]

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