Storage can be an issue in any home. So when we are talking about ‘the heart of the home’ – the kitchen – it can be a hot topic, for sure! If you’re viewing properties within your price range – and you have caviar kitchen dreams on a frozen pizza budget – keep these tips in mind! Don’t let a smaller kitchen deter you from entering the market and enjoying a home of your own. Instead, just look at things with a creative eye. There are plenty of ways to maximize space in a small kitchen. The challenge can be fun and rewarding!

1. Make use of the space above your cabinets.

Often overlooked, this is a storage goldmine! Display less-used items like jugs and platters and house smaller items in decorative baskets. Mix in plants and/or decor with your storage bins to dress up the area.

2. Work around the fridge.

Just as with the space above the cabinets, baskets above the fridge make for additional storage. You can also store tall and narrow things between the fridge and wall such as a broom or your baking sheets.

3. Floating shelves and more.

If you don’t have as much cupboard space as you’d like, look to floating shelves to add a decorative and functional touch. Display things like clear glassware and plain white dishes or your cute mug collection… create an open concept, coffee shop feel!

5. Hanging Storage

IKEA has so many great pieces to help you mount items to the walls – be it hanging spice racks or large utensils – the sky is the limit! If wall space is of the essence, try mounting to the end side of your cabinet.

6. Pegboard Perfection

Pegboards are customizable and a great way to hang kitchen tools with a fun, ‘industrial loft’ feel. Paint to match your wall to finish the look. We love how you can change up the configuration to adjust to your changing needs.

7. Table/Island Combo

Choose a table that can be easily moved closer to the kitchen to act as an island – OR – choose and island that can double as a table. We also love these rolling metal carts which allow you to bring items closer to you while cooking and tuck away when you’re done. (See main photo).

8. Open Concept – blur the line.

If your kitchen is small, encroach into the living area by adding flex shelving that doubles as pantry storage and works for other items as well. We also like the idea of creating a coffee bar/drink station area that bridges between the kitchen and living area. (See main photo). What a fun and chic idea! Think of it as a great room concept. There need not be a definite line to divide kitchen from living. Having herbs as indoor plants also helps create a flex gourmet vibe in the room.