It’s the time again. We’re well into Spring now and ’tis’ the season’ for maintenance to repair Winter damage and prepare you home for Summer! For most of us, our homes are our largest investment. The investment of time into upkeep will help keep your home’s value and keep things looking and running their best! Here are some items to review around the house and yard this Spring.

Spring Cleaning. Start with a good old fashioned Spring Clean! This can include neglected chair rails, window casings, tops of cabinets, light fixtures and window coverings. You may even want to have carpets and upholstery professionally deep cleaned.

Repair and stain exterior wood decks, fences, railings, etc. These structures are best stained or resealed every year or two to maintain longevity.

Gutters &  downspouts. Avoid the likelihood of rot of the wood trim at the eaves by making sure to clean your gutters and downspouts. Rot in these areas often lead to unwelcome creatures getting in your attic space. No thanks! Ensuring downspouts are installed correctly will help keep Spring rain water directed away from the house and thus – protect your foundation, too.

Check and arrange repairs  for roof. Inspect the roof for missing shingles and damaged. Call a professional roofer if for assistance, if needed.

Decks and Patios. Look for damage and warped or loose boards. Decks or all makes should be cleaned every year. If you have composite decking, follow manufacturers’ recommendations for care.

Lawns. Rake, remove branches and debris as it can actually suffocate the grass! Fun fact about fertilizers … they are actually are best used in the fall.

Water systems. Inspect pipes, faucets, and in-ground sprinkler systems once ground has thawed. This is also the perfect time to inspect systems inside the home. Look under sinks inside for leaky faucets, clogged drains and sweaty pipes. Make sure all connections on pipes and hoses are properly sealed and ensure no wetness around dishwasher, washer machine, hot water heaters, etc.

Power wash. Keep the patios, decks and siding looking and performing their best. This is also a great time to deep clean your outdoor furniture… then let BBQ season begin!